Tomb Raider Multiplayer

Tomb-RaiderTomb Raider Multiplayer has finally been announced a few weeks ago. Over the last two years I was super busy working on it as Lead Animator at Eidos Montreal. Big thanks to my animation team for all their hard work.

Tomb-Raider just become “Gold” meaning we are certified for Xbox360 and PS3 and disc production has started.

Here is a fun little making-of video hosted by the actor Zac Levi who spent a day with us in the studio. I have about “1sec of fame” toward the end of the video:

The Final Hours: Making of Multiplayer

A picture of the filming while talking to Zac:

The game will be in stores in the first week of March 2013, please check it out.

Here you’ll find more info:

Eidos Montreal Blog

Tomb Raider Website

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