Deus Ex – Mankind Divided

dxmd_boxart_smallDeus Ex – Mankind Divided has just been released. I really liked the production. The best thing was the colaborative effort of the dev-team. I’ve worked on this project for the last 3 years as Lead Animator.

I was extremely lucky to work with an awesome animation team, full of very motivated, hard-working, talented and easy-going individuals.

I was also part of the multi-disciplinary Player-Gameplay-Team, where I mostly focused on hands-on work of the 3rd person cover system and various take-downs. I worked on the animation-graphs, the animations themeselves and all related integration. Here a video showing off these systems (warning: violent content):

The video shows the very first level playing in Dubai. Of all the beautiful levels, my favorite one is the city of Prague with city life, great architecture and many interesting background stories.

The studio was nice enough to include my name in the starting titles.
DXMD Starting Titles

Hope you’ll enjoy playing the game!

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