Links to my friends


Cool videos & Superchecker Lisal

Claudia Wielander

Praxis für Psychotherapie:
Beratung und Supervision, Feldkirch, Austria


Graphical designs and patterns. Cool Online-Shop for T-Shirts, Sweaters, etc.

Robert Ranftl

Multimedia slideshows and beautiful photos from all over the

Chris Car

great sculpture artist

Chris Koppold

Very cool 2D cartoon animations.

Michael Sormann

Famous 3d artist and maker of \”Theme Planet\”

Enno Gorke

Webdesign, Flash and Typo3 Guru and a great graphics artist

Eugen Sares &

Stefan Kubicek

architectural 3d visualation studio in Vienna (formerly called tidbit)

Christian Stejnar &

Ronny Anzenberger

CG Studio in Vienna: FX- / 3D- / Maya- / MEL-Gurus

Ulrich Radhuber

3d and fine arts artist

Julian Kenning

great character artist, digital sculptor and painter

Lars Gerstenmaier

3d artist & co-founder of sequenz
– \”the nice guys agency\”, located in Berlin

Christoph Sprenger

3d artist & VFX Technical Director and 3dsMax scripting guru

Thomas Bredenfeld

MultiMedia artist Photographer and Painter

Alex Krenn,

Gerald Siegwart,

Oliver Plance,

Michael Degn

MultiMedia studio in Vienna of 4 friends of mine from the MultiMedia College

Judith Lamberger

Great illustrator and graphics artist

Reinhard Schmid

character animator and animation team-lead and indy-game developer

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